Registration is currently open by invitation only, for our Elite, Rising, U-15, and U-13 teams. If you have not gotten an email invitation with a password to log into registration we ask that you check back with the site over the next few weeks. Once we get an idea of how many of our invited players will register with us we will decide upon our next steps. This may or may not include a tryout. If there is a tryout we will post that information as soon as possible.

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Summer Teams


The Wild Elite team has a reputation of being one of the most competitive club teams in the country. The players will be given the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of a large number of college recruiters.


This team is invite only and will consists of rising sophomores, rising freshmen, and a few rising juniors. The Rising Team is the last step before playing Elite. The Rising team will play in three college recruiting tournaments, including one in Maryland. For those players interested in playing in college, the Wild will help the player and family begin navigate through the recruiting process.


The U-15 team is for players 15 years old and younger. It is a competitive team that will participate in 4 local events throughout the Summer.


The U-13 team is for player 13 years old and younger. The team will participate in 4 local events throughout the Summer.